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Four in a Row Free


If you're looking for a fun, free Four in a Row game, look no further. Four in a Row Free is the best Four in a Row (also known as Four in a Line or Connect Four) game for Android."An excellent addition to any app collection." (9.5 / 10 rating)-iPhone World Review
Each player drops tokens into a grid, attempting to connect 4 tokens in a row. Whoever can connect four tokens in a row first is the winner!
This isn't your father's Four in a Row game. We've updated the classic Four in a Row experience with a sleek look and feel designed for Android that will keep you playing for hours.
Four in a Row Free supports one player and two player gameplay, so you can play against another human or against your Android device.
Four in a Row Free includes a host of exciting features, including:
* Great graphics and awesome sound effects * Configurable player names and score tracking * Configurable 1 player difficulty level * Undo function * Automatic save when you exit the app or receive a phone call
Four in a Row Free is supported by unobtrusive banner advertising.
If you love Connect Four, you'll love this game. Download it now and join the fun!